Important Resource Tool available free from AR sales associates

Souderton, PA – June 5, 2009 – Several years ago AR compiled a book of articles, application notes and other information that’s important to everyone involved in the EMC, Wireless, and Communication industries. That book, known as The Orange Book of Knowledge, quickly became a significant industry resource tool; and AR has now released the 3rd Edition.

As new products, new solutions, and new innovations are created, The Orange Book of Knowledge must naturally expand to reflect new learning. The new edition includes new application notes on topics ranging from “Custom Pulses Made Easy” to a reference guide for coaxial connectors and cables. The book represents the cumulative knowledge of all AR companies, making it perhaps the most comprehensive resource in the industry.

Everyone involved in EMC testing or wireless communications should have The Orange Book of Knowledge on their desk. To get your free copy, just contact an AR sales associate today.