February 25, 2008, Houston, Texas - Mimix Broadband, Inc. introduces today a gallium arsenide (GaAs) monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) sub-harmonic image reject mixer for use in transmit and receive frequency conversion applications. Using GaAs HBT technology, this mixer covers the 32 to 42 GHz frequency bands. The device has conversion loss of 9 dB, with 18 dB image rejection and +14 dBm input third order intercept point (IIP3).

The mixer, identified as XM1003-BD, is well suited for wireless communications applications such as millimeter-wave point-to-point radio, local multipoint distribution services (LMDS), SATCOM and VSAT.

"The XM1003-BD offers a very low cost solution for up- and down-conversion applications over the 32-42 GHz frequency band," stated Paul Beasly, Product Manager, Mimix Broadband, Inc. "It utilizes a passive, sub-harmonic mixer technology which makes it quite versatile and easy to implement for a wide range of applications."

Mimix performs 100% on-wafer RF testing on the XM1003-BD, as well as 100% visual inspection to MIL-STD-883 method 2010. The chip also has surface passivation to protect and provide a rugged part with backside via holes and gold metallization to allow either a conductive epoxy or eutectic solder die attach process.

Engineering samples are available today from stock, and production quantities will be available within 12 weeks. Technical support is also available from Mimix's applications engineers at 281.988.4600. The XM1003-BD datasheet and additional product information can be obtained from the Mimix Broadband website at www.mimixbroadband.com.