SANTA CLARA, Calif., Oct. 8, 2007 -- Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced it is deploying the telecommunication industry's first operational-support-system (OSS) data capture, warehousing and reporting solution that handles the huge volumes of transaction detail records (TDRs) generated by lucrative packet-based services in new mobile broadband networks. Such services include e-mail, Web browsing and gaming. Agilent is installing the system on the network of one of largest mobile operators in the United States. The solution combines Agilent's probe-based network monitoring with customizable reporting capabilities within the industry-leading Teradata platform. Agilent has partnered exclusively with Teradata to develop a data-warehousing solution that provides a platform for Agilent to correlate the massive amounts of OSS and business-support-system (BSS) data associated with next-generation mobile networks. This solution is extensible, allowing operators to integrate OSS data with BSS data for comprehensive visibility. Agilent offers the only system that can process, in near real time, more than 2 billion TDRs a day, a quantum leap over the maximum of two hundred to three hundred million typically processed by the monitoring systems currently deployed. The solution enables operators to move beyond mere statistical analysis on network performance and to exploit TDR data, combined with BSS information, to provide consolidated reports on the unique experience of specific customers. The operator is not restricted to a fixed set of reports; new types of reports can be quickly designed and implemented on an ad hoc basis, tailored to a specific operator's needs. The reporting tools are simple, intuitive and designed to provide actionable information on how a network is operating, which parts are near capacity, which elements are reaching overload, whether third-party providers are violating service-level agreements, which handsets function well or poorly, etc. "Broadband services can be extremely lucrative if an operator handles them right," said Neil Haydon, worldwide marketing manager, Agilent Assurance Solutions Division. "The services require huge bandwidth and the access network is extremely complex and more susceptible to interference. In addition, the content is often delivered by third-party providers who may or may not be reliable. Agilent's solution can help operators be successful by capturing, correlating and analyzing the data across the entire network up to and including handsets, delivering a complete picture of service availability and performance, and building reports on every customer's experience.