At European Microwave Week Agilent Technologies will be showing the very latest solutions for high frequency design utilising the company’s range of EDA software products. The latest update of the Agilent EEsof Advanced Design System (ADS) will be demonstrated together with enhancements to the company’s Genesys software. The new release of the ADS software includes serializer/deserializer (SERDES)/Verilog analog mixed-signal (AMS) co-simulation, and other signal integrity capabilities that give designers a more complete signal integrity design flow for serial links, and confidence that analog and digital components will work together. ADS now allows designers to perform true mixed-signal simulations of high-speed digital boards by co-simulating with Verilog-AMS based SERDES models, providing complete analysis of serial links. It also allows designers to use ADS to examine designs with NCSim and ModelSim as well as high-frequency SPICE simulators. Signal-integrity designers can use ADS transient/convolution, EM and Ptolemy simulators in a co-simulation with digital simulators to gain more insight into complex designs. Agilent EEsof continues to build on and enhance the Genesys platform. Genesys is an integrated EDA software package for self-supporting RF and microwave designers and workgroups. From initial system architecture through final documentation, Genesys provides state-of-the-art performance in a single easy-to-use design environment that is fast, powerful and accurate. Genesys 2007.08 includes enhanced statistical and electromagnetic analyses that provide affordable, first-pass accuracy for RF and microwave designs, resulting in shorter physical design cycles and faster time to market. These new statistical analysis features, together with the newly integrated Agilent Momentum GX high-performance planar-3D EM simulator, enables highly accurate physical design. Agilent’s EDA solutions will be shown in the company’s Communications Pavilion on Stand no. 908.