EADS Astrium and Lockheed Martin have signed a teaming agreement to ensure interoperability of the Global Positioning System (GPS) III and the European Galileo Satellite Navigation programs — the world’s two most important upcoming satellite navigation systems.

As leading space system suppliers, the companies will perform systems engineering and technical assistance tasks for each other in the areas of interoperability, integrity and optimisation of joint constellation performance. Additionally, the companies will offer reciprocal bids on operational hardware and software within the policy and export constraints of both programs.

“This opens a new dimension of cooperation between two of the world’s leading technology companies in systems that will benefit consumers for decades as the Galileo and GPS III systems come on line,” said Reinhold Lutz, EADS senior vice president for Earth Observation, Navigation & Science.

Likewise, Marshall Keith, Lockheed Martin Integrated Systems & Solutions vice president for International programs, commented, “We look forward to making our 30 years of GPS experience available to the Galileo program to maximize performance and utility for all users of satellite navigation when both Galileo and GPS III are in operation.”