NICE, France, TeleManagement World 2007, Booth 95, May 21, 2007 -- Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today introduced functionality that extends its existing assureME session trace solution beyond a 3G core network to the UTRAN. The enhanced solution now enables end-to-end correlation of wireless transactions, single-screen visibility, and quick and easy troubleshooting. Agilent added these capabilities as part of its Power of 3 service assurance initiative to provide carriers with comprehensive, three-minute detection of key performance indicator (KPI) violations; three-click root cause identification; and three-dimensional business intelligence across networks, services and customers. Agilent's extended session trace solution addresses the extreme complexity of UMTS networks, substantially cutting time to repair, reducing operational expenses and preventing the loss of customer revenues. Ordinary wireline calls usually require six to seven messages for setup and clearance; 3G wireless transactions require hundreds to thousands, making it nearly impossible to correlate messages and identify any particular one as the cause of a service problem. UMTS complexity is so great that typically only a company's Tier 3 engineers understand it. Although Agilent's proven session trace tool has been available for the core network, until now carriers were blind to the UTRAN, where more than 60 percent of service problems originate. By extending session trace, Agilent simplifies and accelerates near-real-time UTRAN monitoring and troubleshooting so that Tier 1 and Tier 2 personnel can easily detect and diagnose ordinary network problems. This enables carriers to maintain high-quality service and allows Tier 3 engineers to focus on more complicated issues. "Sustained service quality requires simple, fast and effective monitoring and troubleshooting across an entire 3G network," said Neil Haydon, marketing manager, Assurance Solutions Division. "If a session trace solution ignores the UTRAN, carriers can't locate the source of most service problems, and customers suffer and leave as a result. Agilent's enhanced tool removes this huge blind spot and allows carriers to deliver a consistently high-quality customer experience." Availability The end-to-end tracing functionality will be available August 2007. More information about Agilent Session Trace is available at