The management team of BFi OPTiLAS completed a management buyout of the company, which has been a wholly owned subsidiary of the Avnet Corp. for over 10 years following the acquisition of BFI Ibexsa in 1995 and its subsequent merger with Optilas in 1998. The company has operated as a completely autonomous organization within Avnet's European Electronics Marketing Group and during that time has contributed to the development and profitability of Avnet within Europe.

The management team has engaged with an independent private equity firm, Activa Capital, in order to acquire a majority stake in the company, with Avnet retaining a minority stake. The equity firm has a highly experienced international team dedicated to working with mid-sized companies such as BFi OPTiLAS.

The company has stated that it will continue to expand its operation as a pan European distributor of products and services for the electronic and photonic market places. The company focuses on niche technology products including RF and microwave components, systems and assemblies, with other sectors covered being magnetic materials, lasers, sensors, connectors, electro-optics, imaging and fiber optics. The company operates from 12 offices throughout Europe, employing 300 staff.