WiSpry Inc., a manufacturer of tunable RF semiconductor products for the wireless industry, introduced its WS2018 Antenna Tuner – the industry’s lowest current consumption antenna tuner. The single-chip design WS2018 sits in the RF signal chain between the antenna and the front-end module of a mobile phone and provides superior transmit and receive chain impedance optimization over the full 824 to 2170 MHz Global mobile frequency range.

WiSpry’s innovative digitally tunable capacitor technology enables a completely new type of RF matching component that combines excellent RF performance with versatile digital control of the capacitance values. The WS2018 can be quickly re-programmed to compensate for antenna source impedance changes due to the need to operate over different frequency bands as well as to compensate for antenna load changes that are caused by hand, head and other body effects.

The digitally programmable capacitive elements implemented in WiSpry’s WS2018 are controlled by the modem via a MIPI Alliance RFFE or SPI serial interface, and make the WS2018 compatible with all popular Smartphone chipsets and modems.

“Our new WS2018 antenna tuner combines the industry’s best RF performance with the smallest form factor and the ability to tune any phase, any VSWR for 2G, 3G and LTE frequency bands,” said Victor Steel, Vice President of Products of WiSpry. “Our latest offering enables smaller antennas to deliver the high quality reception performance that today’s Smartphone users demand. We have also integrated the widely adopted MIPI RFFE interface, making this tuner plug-and-play compatible with all major Smartphone chipset vendors.”

The ultra low power WS2018 can be driven by an existing single supply rail such as an LDO regulator output or directly from the battery supply. The charge pump, serial bus and driver circuits are all fully integrated on the same CMOS die as the MEMS capacitor elements, making the WS2018 a true single chip solution for antenna impedance matching.