The Global Mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) survey — 3G/WCDMA-HSDPA Devices Variety and Availability — confirms that the number of 3G/WCDMA devices announced in the market has reached 315, an increase of 129 products over the previous half-year period. The rapidly increasing variety, competitiveness and availability of user devices are key factors in driving 3G market acceptance and the survey states that 176 WCDMA products were launched in the past 12 months (a growth of 126 percent).

The figure of 315 includes 25 devices, which support HSDPA, more than double the figure of the previous six-month period. The GSA understands that over half of the number of commercial WCDMA operators is now moving to HSDPA as the new baseline for mobile broadband. The number of suppliers who have entered the WCDMA market by launching devices has increased by over 50 percent in 12 months, from 25 to 38. And the share of WCDMA devices targeted for the global 3G market has continued to rise to exceed 80 percent, with the remainder being focused on the Japanese FOMA™ market.