Aeroflex Test Solutions will be displaying the latest in RF, microwave and millimeter-wave technologies at the 41st Annual European Microwave Conference. For a personal demonstration of the products that are highlighted below, visit booth 433.

PXI 3000 Series 13 GHz PXI Digitizer

The latest addition to the Aeroflex PXI 3000 series will be launched at the show. The Aeroflex 3036 is a 250 kHz to 13 GHz RF digitizer with up to 90 MHz wide digitized -1 dB bandwidth and 13- or 14-bit ADC resolution. The 3036 Digitizer can be used with a 3010 Series synthesizer module to provide precision conversion of RF and microwave signals into digital IF or I and Q data. Used with PXI Studio application software, the 3030 Series RF Digitizer family provides class-leading vector signal analysis of RF signals.

S-Series Analog RF Signal Generators

Aeroflex has a new avionics option for the SGA analog signal generator, part of the S-Series product family. Option 6 adds waveforms for Instrument Landing Systems (ILS), VHF Omni-directional Radio (VOR), marker beacons and COM ID tones for airport identification.

6800A Series Microwave System Analyzers

Aeroflex has taken an entire microwave test bench and put it into a single box. The result is the 6800A Series: a unique product line that integrates a signal source, spectrum analyzer, and three-input scalar analyzer. The 6800A Series allows more tests to be performed faster and more precisely than ever before. Measure satellite end-to-end group delay using a 6840.

3250 Series Spectrum Analyzers

The 3250 Series provides market-leading performance at low cost. The compact design uses the latest digital processing and RF technologies to provide fast and accurate measurements. A 30 MHz vector analyzer and modulation analysis is standard. EMI receiver and measurement suites for 2G, 3G, WLAN and WiMAX are available as options.

Fast-Switching Synthesizers

Aeroflex's fast-switching, broadband synthesizers have high speed, low noise and wide bandwidth in one package.