At IMS 2011 in Baltimore, NMDG announced that the list of DC pulsers and pulsed DC receivers supported in the NMDG ICE software platform has been extended with the Focus MPIV pulsed IV system and the Rohde & Schwarz RTO scope. Using NMDG extension kits for vector network analysers, the user is able to characterise the nonlinear behaviour of HF components both in time and frequency domain under realistic conditions, even in a non-50 Ohm environment.

By synchronising the DC pulser modules of the Focus MPIV system with the R&S RTO scope and the NMDG ZVxPlus nonlinear extension kit for R&S ZVA and ZVT network analysers, the nonlinear behaviour of advanced components, such as LDMOS or GaN, can be analysed under realistic pulsed conditions. Similarly circuits for radar applications can be studied close to their normal mode of operation. By varying the pulse settings, the user can identify potential thermal and trapping effects and improve its large-signal models and design kits.

On customer's demand, other pulsed DC systems can be made available as a plug-in in the NMDG ICE software platform.