WJ Communications Inc., a designer and supplier of RF solutions for the wireless infrastructure and RFID reader markets, announced that it has entered into a second-source strategic foundry arrangement with Global Communication Semiconductors Inc. (GCS). GCS will second-source WJ's product portfolio with foundry service for GaAs and InGaP HBT wafers under the terms of its agreement. "We're pleased to add GCS as a foundry for InGaP HBT and GaAs technology; this advantage provides our customers with two qualified sources, thereby ensuring a steady supply of wafers," said Mark Knoch, vice president of WJ's operations. "This recent activity strengthens WJ's position as an RF semiconductor leader and further positions us to deliver advanced technology and capability to our customers, at competitive costs."

"GCS is proud to partner with companies like WJ Communications, who recognize the technical skill and capability to develop high performance, cost-effective devices," commented Jerry Curtis, chief executive officer of GCS. "We look forward to collaborating in a successful business relationship with WJ as they continue their leadership in delivering high quality and reliable products to the wireless infrastructure marketplace."