In what is truly a global undertaking, Huber + Suhner AG, Switzerland and Radiall SA, France have signed a license agreement with Amphenol Corp., USA, to develop, manufacture and distribute QMA and QN connectors and components under the Quick Lock Formula (QLF) trademark.

This trademark indicates that licensors’ and licensees’ products manufactured under the name QMA and QN are fully compatible in terms of intermateability and generic performance. Following the signing of the agreement, the QLF Alliance now comprises four global suppliers, Radiall and Huber + Suhner who jointly developed the connector concept, and their licensee’s Rosenberger and Amphenol.

Under the terms of the agreement Amphenol, like any licensee, must pass regular verification testing under strict guidelines. This is performed on an annual basis and requires several weeks to verify not only the mechanical intermateability, but also other crucial performance parameters. For more information, visit