Aimed at expanding Infineon Technologies’ presence in Eastern Europe and aid the research into power semiconductors and chip-card security controllers, the company has opened its newest development centre in Bucharest, Romania. The activities in the facility are being managed by the regional company, Infineon Technologies Romania SRL. The initial staff of approximately 60 developers will concentrate on power semiconductors with analogue and digital functions (power mixed signals), which are being used increasingly in automotive and industrial applications, and on security controllers for chip cards.

The new centre strengthens the research alliance in the area of intelligent power semiconductors, which currently includes the facilities in Villach (Austria), Padua (Italy), Munich (Germany) and Graz (Austria). The developmental activities being performed in Bucharest in the area of security controllers for chip cards are integrated into the research alliance with the established centres in Munich and Graz.

To support and encourage local talent, master-level programmes of study are being developed in conjunction with the University Politehnica of Bucharest, in order to form the educational structures needed to meet future R&D requirements in the semiconductor industry at an early stage. Also, during the course of 2006, about 60 additional developers are to be hired in Bucharest.