AWR® Corp. and Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG will host a webinar titled “LNA Design and Characterization Using Modern RF/Microwave Software and Test & Measurement Instruments,” presented by Jaakko Juntunen, Head of EM Applications, AWR, and Matthias Beer, Product Management, Network Analyzers, Rohde & Schwarz. This webinar will feature live video segments demonstrating the use of test instruments performing measurements on a prototype low noise amplifier (LNA).

When: March 8, 2011, at 9 AM PST

Where: Online at http://web.awrcorp.com/Usa/News--Events/Events/Seminars/Webinars/LNA-Design-Characterization/


LNA designs involve several considerations such as stability, bias circuitry, gain and noise figure tradeoffs, and matching circuit synthesis that need to be accounted for to achieve optimal performance. Advanced design tools such as AWR's Microwave Office make it possible to create a virtual model of an LNA prototype, taking into account these considerations along with parasitic layout effects.

During this webinar, Microwave Office will be used to demonstrate useful practices in the virtual prototyping stage. An actual LNA will then be measured using a ZVA, Rohde & Schwarz’s Vector Network Analyzer. Microwave Office and the ZVA are connected, bringing measured and simulated results together for instantaneous comparison and virtual model verification. As a key feature, neither Microwave Office nor the ZVA is restricted to linear analysis; therefore, gain compression and intermodulation measurements are performed in both virtual and real domains.