Microwave Vision Group is a leading global manufacturer of test systems and antenna measurement in the fields of Radio Communications, Automotive, Defense and Aerospace. With the acquisition of US-based ORBIT/FR, Inc. in May 2008, the Group was able to develop an innovative market offer. It combines precision electronic scanners developed by SATIMO Industries under its “microwave vision” technology” with ORBIT/FR’s high performance electromechanical positioners and scanners. The Group has just recently announced that it ended the year with $5.6 M in new contracts, with Asia accounting for approximately $3.9M in orders.

Orders from 3 geographic areas

The company is well-balanced in terms of geographic coverage in 2010, with Europe, the Americas and Asia accounting for 32, 35 and 33% of its revenue, respectively. The end of the year confirms that Asia is a key market: of the $5.6 million recently awarded, more than two-thirds come from this area.

In the United States, the Federal Aviation Administration and the US Navy have ordered several key systems for testing large radar antennas and aircraft. The order value is approximately $1.3 million. In Europe, the demand for SG 24 (a multi-probe measurement arch of 2.4 m in diameter, optimized for standards) led to an additional $0.4 million. By comparison, in Asia, significant orders have resulted in $3.9 million in revenue. Aside from Israel and India, where Microwave Vision has strong activity in aerospace and the military, there are orders for four new SG 24 systems, inclusive of the full complement of software options, associated hardware equipment and firmware capabilities. In this market, global high-tech manufacturers focusing on next-generation LCD screens with integrated Internet browsing require electromagnetic test systems. MICROWAVE VISION’S expanded industrial market focus is one of many examples of growth in this area.

A commercial organization looks to the East

Asia has been a focus of the group for the past 8 years. Microwave Vision established an office in Hong Kong in 2003, and a second in Japan in 2007. Aside from India’s coverage by commercial agents, the Hong Kong subsidiary also has branches in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Taiwan and Korea.

"Microwave Vision is a company with an international scope. We have a direct presence in 8 countries and our employees represent 20 nationalities. Our strategy is to promote geographical mobility, initially by opening offices in new areas, but also more permanently, to improve the synergy between our subsidiaries and remote offices,"explains Philippe Garreau, President Microwave Vision.

Another factor to the company's global success has been the presence of an on-site Customer Support manager. "Local support is essential. It allows for immediate response to customer questions and facilitates ownership of our systems, once installed," added the commercial director of Microwave Vision, Gianni Barone.

Microwave Vision is located in 8 countries - France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, USA, Israel, China, and Japan, and has 240 employees. The group has a loyal clientele of many international companies. It achieved € 34.8 million in revenue in its fiscal year ended December 31, 2009. Microwave Vision benefits from its certification as an OSEO “Innovative Company.”