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Sherry Hess

Sherry is vice president of marketing at AWR, bringing with her more than 15 years of EDA experience in domestic and international sales, marketing, support, and managerial expertise.

Don't Stop Talking

posted Jan.12th

Chris Marki

While at Marki Microwave, Christopher has served as Director of Research and has been responsible for the design and commercialization of many of Marki’s fastest growing product lines including filters, couplers and power dividers.

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Measurement & Design

Agilent Technologies

Various experts from Agilent Technologies talk about issues related to RF and microwave measurement and design.

Consider the costs of not migrating your aging test system



Rogers Corp.

The Rog Blog is contributed by various experts from Rogers Corporation, providing technical advice and information about RF/microwave materials.

Measurements Help In Sorting Materials

Leonard Pelletier

"RF Leonard" is the Application Support Manager for Freescale RF in Tempe, AZ and is in charge of providing technical assistance to the amplifier design community.

Why would anyone bolt-down mount an RF device?

Judy Warner

Judy Warner of Transline discusses various topics about RF and microwave PCB design and manufacturing.

Enjoy Simulations That Don't Add Up