Northrop Grumman Corp. has begun nationwide deployment of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) public key infrastructure (PKI), which provides increased security for its information technology systems. PKI is an IT infrastructure of cryptographic software that generates two large mathematically related numbers used to help identify the user. These numbers are stored on the user’s Web browser or in a piece of hardware such as a smart card. “PKI provides the technology to ensure individuals are properly identified prior to granting them access to electronic information and systems,” said Wood Parker, president of Northrop Grumman’s Information Technology (IT) sector, Federal Enterprise Solutions business unit. “The technology is part of the ‘defense in depth’ layered security for the FBI and protects FBI employees with the ability to encrypt data, digitally sign documents and e-mail, and ensures non-repudiation of these actions.” Northrop Grumman IT implemented the pilot deployment at FBI locations in Baltimore, MD, in November 2004; full deployment at FBI headquarters in Washington, DC, in December 2004; and to FBI offices nationwide in January 2005. Deployment is scheduled to be completed in August 2005. “PKI deployment has been completed ahead of schedule for two FBI offices and so far, the deployment has been on-schedule and within budget,” said Parker. “During the PKI implementation, certification and accreditation were completed in one pass. Time and again, FBI executives hold up the PKI project as a model that all projects should emulate.” Approximately 35,000 FBI users will be issued smart cards containing the PKI establishing the user’s credentials. Northrop Grumman IT’s solution is completely commercial-off-the-shelf, requiring no modifications and minimizing risk. The system is able to accommodate growth and is scalable. Northrop Grumman was awarded the initial contract in May 2003 for implementation and received a subsequent contract for deployment and enabling support in August 2004, running through September 2005 with an option for an additional four years to provide enabling support. Northrop Grumman teammates on the program include PEC Solutions, Fairfax, VA; Entrust Inc., Addison, TX; BAE Systems North America, Rockville, MD; and ActivCard, Fremont, CA.