Design Application Note

This application note is for designers using FPGAs to create easy-to-update products in a wide variety of markets. “Selecting an I/O Architecture for Your FPGA Design” will help engineers clearly understand leading factors that degrade performance in today’s most popular I/O.

Agilent Technologies Inc.,
Palo Alto, CA
(800) 829-4444,

Tables Catalog

This 31-page periodic tables catalog is a quick reference guide that provides the latest capacitor capability charts for a broad range of dielectrics. The document is intended to assist engineers in achieving the best possible design solution.

AVX Corp.,
Myrtle Beach, SC
(843) 448-9411,

Short Form Product Catalog

This catalog describes the coaxial products that cover frequency ranges from DC to 40 GHz. Specifications and descriptions of low and high power fixed and variable attenuators, power dividers, adapters in and between series, directional couplers, and low and high power loads are included.

BroadWave Technologies Inc.,
Franklin, IN
(317) 346-6101,

RF Probe Selection Guide

This selection guide provides readers with the company’s line of RF probes. There are 10 series of RF probes highlighted within this product line. Each of the series contains a product overview, photograph, performance charts and outline drawings.

Cascade Microtech Inc.,
Beaverton, OR
(800) 550-3279,

Specification Chart

This specification chart details the company’s flexible waveguide assemblies for military and commercial applications. The chart highlights the frequency range, dimensions and materials that its product line is manufactured to. For a complimentary copy, visit

Microtech Inc.,
Cheshire, CT
(203) 272-3234,

Short Form Product Catalog

This short form product catalog highlights the company’s monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMIC) for microwave and millimeter-wave wireless communications applications. Comparison charts, a facility overview and quality assurance information are also provided.

Mimix Broadband Inc.,
Houston, TX
(281) 988-4600,

Selection Guide

This selection guide features the company’s wide range of power and low noise microwave and RF devices for applications from 30 MHz to 77 GHz. The guide highlights a component guide by performance. A cautions and mountings section is also provided.

Mitsubishi Electric and Electronics USA Inc.,
Santa Clara, CA
(408) 727-3111,

Microelectronic Packaging Solutions

This brochure highlights the company’s microelectronic packaging solutions that are based on plated copper on thick film technology (PCTF™). This technology allows microelectronic circuit designers to reduce package size, increase circuit density, and improve thermal and electrical performance at a low cost.

Remtec Inc.,
Norwood, MA
(781) 762-9191,

Product Catalog

This product catalog features the company’s RF and microwave subsystems and components including ferrite circulators/isolators, switch matrices, electro-mechanical switches, MEMS switches and attenuators. Product photographs, features, benefits and comparison graphs are also provided.

Renaissance Electronics Corp.,
Harvard, MA
(978) 772-7774,

Full Line Catalog

This catalog includes a number of new products, including both PIN diode and waveguide switches, as well as coaxial switches up to 65 GHz. The filter section now includes a range of Bessel filters, both absorptive and reflective, as well as cable filters.

RLC Electronics Inc.,
Mount Kisco, NY
(914) 241-1334,

Specialty Materials Brochure

This product capabilities brochure offers an array of specialty materials including high frequency circuit materials, laminates, photoimageable covercoats, high performance foams, busbars, EL lamps and drivers, elastomer components, nitrile floats and nonwoven materials.

Rogers Corp.,
Rogers, CT
(860) 774-9605,

Short Form Brochure

This short form brochure features the company’s 2.92 mm connectors. The connectors offered include a DC to 27 GHz, VSWR 1.10 maximum and 27 to 40 GHz, VSWR 1.15 maximum.

Sources East,
Campbell, CA
(408) 374-7231,