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Broadcom's 40nm RF leads the industry in size and power

ABI Research reports that Broadcom has put into production one of the world’s smallest multimode (GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS) transceivers. The sub 7 sq. mm. 40nm RF chip (BCM2193) was revealed just one week after the discovery of the 40nm RF chip announced last week. Broadcom’s chip was discovered second but it may actually have hit production a week or two prior to the Mediatek solution.

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Empower’s “Compare for Yourself” campaign product demos highlight size and power advantages

Continuing to build momentum and recognition for its “Size Matters” 1 kW PA platforms, Empower RF Systems is hosting live demonstrations at their booth during two upcoming industry events. Products will be on display and operational at EMC 2012 in Pittsburgh, PA (August 7–9) and AOC International Symposium in Phoenix, AZ (Sept 24–26).

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