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Buck-Boost Converter: LTC3114-1

LTC3114-1The LTC3114-1 is a synchronous, current-mode buck-boost converter that delivers up to 1 A of continuous output current from a wide range of power sources, including single-cell Li-Ion, 24 / 28 V industrial rails and 40 V automotive inputs.  The LTC3114-1’s 2.2 to 40 V input and 2.7 to 40 V output range provides a regulated output.

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Linear introduces nanopower buck-boost DC/DC with energy harvesting battery life extender

Linear Technology announces the LTC3330, a complete regulating energy harvesting solution that delivers up to 50mA of continuous output current to extend battery life when harvestable energy is available. The LTC3330 requires no supply current from the battery when providing regulated power to the load from harvested energy and only 750nA operating when powered from the battery under no-load conditions.

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