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Linear's new rail-to-rail 80 V monitor measures current & voltage with +/-0.75% accuracy

Linear Technology Corp. introduces the LTC2945, a wide range I²C system monitor that monitors the current, voltage and power of any 0 to 80 V rail. In many cases, prior power monitoring solutions are limited to 3 to 5 V supplies and monitor voltages less than 36 V, requiring additional circuitry to monitor higher voltages. The LTC2945 has flexible power supply options, deriving power from a 4 to 80 V monitored supply, a 2.7 to 80 V secondary supply, or from the onboard shunt regulator.

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Peregrine Semiconductor expands digitally tunable capacitor product line

Peregrine Semiconductor Corp. (Peregrine), a fabless provider of high-performance radio-frequency (RF) integrated circuits (ICs), announced from booth # 2009 at the International Microwave Symposium (IMS2012) in Montreal, two new Digitally Tunable Capacitors (DTCs) — the PE64101 and PE64102 (PE64101/2) DTCs. The 5-bit, 32-state DTCs, designed using Peregrine’s DuNE™ tuning technology, enable wide-band tunable networks and minimize mismatch losses, improve system efficiency, and reduce radio complexity for cost-sensitive applications, such as RFID, phase shifters, and wireless communications, among others. 

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