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EDI CON Online AUGUST 18 KEYNOTE: Advanced Simulation Tools for Automotive Radar Integration and Virtual Drive Tests


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8/18/21 10:00 am to 8/18/21 10:30 am EDT

Event Description

EDI CON Online

Title: AUGUST 18 KEYNOTE: Advanced Simulation Tools for Automotive Radar Integration and Virtual Drive Tests

Date: August 18, 2021

Time: 7am PT / 10am ET

Sponsored by: Altair

Presented by: Dr. C.J. Reddy, Vice President – Business Development, Electromagnetics (Americas)

Automotive OEMs are moving towards the inclusion of several safety systems, which are covered by several sensors. Many new functions are being added to assist the driver to avoid accidents that might be caused by different road scenarios. The new ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) systems are mainly: lane change assistants (LCA), blind spot detection (BSD), pedestrian recognition, collision avoidance and pre-crash functions, cross traffic alerts and parking assistance. Automotive Collision Avoidance Radars operate at 77GHz band. Radar design and integration at such high frequencies is very challenging. As a result, electromagnetic (EM) simulation is applied to avoid time consuming and expensive prototyping cycles for the radar manufacturer and a complex radar integration behind a car‘s bumper for automotive OEMs. In this talk, a detailed design process for automotive radar design and integration will be presented using Altair’s advanced EM simulation solutions. Also, this talk will present simulations of radar channel and the environment for better understanding of the functioning of the radar in real driving scenarios using virtual drive test simulations using Altair’s advanced simulation solutions.

Presenter Bio:
Dr. C.J. Reddy is the Vice President of Business Development–Electromagnetics for the Americas at Altair Engineering, Inc. Dr. Reddy was the President of EM Software & Systems (USA) Inc (2002-2014) and led the marketing of the EM Simulation tool, Feko in North America. EM Software & Systems (USA) Inc was acquired by Altair in 2014. He is a Fellow of IEEE, the Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society (ACES), and the Antenna Measurement Techniques Association (AMTA). He published 39 journal papers, 119 conference papers and 18 NASA Technical Reports to date. He is a co-author of the book “Antenna Analysis and Design Using FEKO Electromagnetic Simulation Software”. Dr. Reddy is serving as an Associate Editor for the newly introduced, IEEE Open Journal of Antennas of Propagation. Dr. Reddy is elected as a member of AMTA Board of Directors for a three-year term starting Jan 2020 and is the Technical Coordinator for AMTA 2020 and AMTA 2021 Conferences.

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