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23rd Annual Components for Military and Space Electronics (CMSE 2019)

23rd Annual Components for Military and Space Electronics (CMSE 2019)


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4/16/19 to 4/18/19
Los Angeles, CA
United States

Event Description

The premier event focused on the design, reliability and application of electronic components for use in avionics aerospace, military & commercial space systems for over 20 years.  

Over 30 technical presentations by industry leaders focused on advanced packaging of ICs, passive components and a variety of other topic critical to components used in high-reliability military and aerospace systems.

Two Keynotes along with one full day with four seminars, and two days of exhibition  and technical presentations is intended to educate, inform and provide solutions for current problems within the  military and space electronics business.

  • Join Dennis Zogbi, the founder and lead researcher at Paumanok Publications and the author of more than 300 studies on the global market for passive electronic components and related raw materials as he outlines: MLCC Shortages: FY 2019 Tier-To-Tier replacement Strategies and Alternative Reference Design Solutions
  • Join Jonathan Ahlbin, Missile Defense Agency, as he discusses: Flexibility and Innovation in Military Systems

This Conference & Exhibition delivers technical information useful for both OCMs and suppliers of electronic components for use in avionics, aerospace, military & commercial space systems. Two days of exhibition along with training events and technical presentations provides a unique environment for the exhibitor to reach out and connect with customers. The goal of this event is to educate, inform and provide solutions for current issues with military and space electronics.


  • Advanced Packaging for Military and Space        
  • GaN and SiC for RF/Microwave and High Temp Use
  • COTS Insertion and Obsolescence Challenges       
  • IC Copper Wire Bonding/APPLICATIONS
  • Polymer Tantalum Capacitor Issues 
  • BME/PME MLCCs for Hi-Rel Applications
  • Magnetics, Transformers and Inductors                 
  • Challenges of Non-Hermetic Packages
  • Supplier Base Sourcing Issues
  • Hermeticity and TM1014/1018 New Spec Limits
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