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RFE is dedicated to delivering the highest performance RF/Microwave, mmW and IMA products for a variety of military, industrial and commercial customer applications.  Founded in 1992, RFE was formed in 2014 and is proud of our legacy of providing original design and manufacturing services. RFE supports a broad spectrum of both state-of-the-art and replacement system components.

RFE’s product experience includes fast tuning and broadband frequency sources in small packages.  We specialize in converters, synthesizers and oscillators which consist of chip & wire, hybrid, SMT assemblies and hermetic enclosures.  Our staff has the know-how, knowledge and equipment to design and execute upon unique, valued and sought-after requirements.

The market for frequency source components is dominated by a few very large “standard issue” suppliers.  RFE provides the flexibility, nimbleness and cost structure desired in dynamic entrepreneurial technology driven markets.  RFE’s mission is to engage and address customer needs with a small highly focused team of experts. 

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RFE Inc.
48860 Milmont Drive, #107C
Fremont CA 94538
United States

Ku Band Synthesizer

RFE Synthesizer provides a reliable, fast tuning, microwave source covering the 11 to 15 GHz range. It is designed using COT surface mount components. 

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18 to 40 GHz Frequency Doubler

RFE Inc. has designed a convenient, cost-effective 18 to 40 GHz frequency doubler with a bypass mode.  The input 0.5 to 20 GHz (+10 dBm input) is doubled using a passive multiplier with Gain and Filter Blocks. 

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Hybrid Voltage Controlled Oscillators

RFE’s broadband VCO’s are designed to meet the challenges of today’s military, industrial, and commercial markets.  The hybrid designs incorporate Silicon Bipolar Transistors and Hyperabrupt Varactor Tuning Diodes to give broad bandwidths, reduced phase noise and low post tuning drift. RFE can offer any possible frequency output from 500 MHz to 20 GHz with octave bandwidths available. 

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