Tamagawa Electronics Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Tamagawa Electronics, Co., Ltd. (TME) is a subsidiary of JASDAQ Securities Exchange listed company Tamagawa Holding Co., Ltd. ISO 9001 and ISO14001 certified company established in 2007 (founded 1968), Tamagawa Electronics specialized in the design and manufacturing of RF and microwave passive components, optical communication units, and other high frequency products in both analog and digital domains. We have wide offering of products for defense, aerospace, infrastructure, and wireless communication system applications both domestic and internationally. Product Offerings Attenuator: Coaxial Fixed, Rotary, Push Button, Continuous Variable, Programmable Filter: Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, Duplexer, Notch (Band Rejection) Terminator: IP65 waterproof Distributor: High Power, Directional Coupler, Continuous Variable Phase Shifter, Coaxial Switch Others: Oscillator, Synthesizer, Down Frq. Converter, LNA, Amplifier, High Speed Digitizer, Microwave Fuse, Impedance Transformer, Detector, Optical E\O-O/E Converter, RF Burn-in Test System

Contact Information:

Contact: Nobuki Kumazawa
Title: G.M. Management Planning
Phone: +81-467-76-2293


Tamagawa Electronics Co., Ltd.
3-11-23, Kamitsuchidana
Ayase-Shi AL 252-1113