Industry News

RF Coplanar Probe Basics

Explanation of the construction, characteristics and usage of coplanar waveguide probes
Coplanar waveguide probes, also referred to as coplanar probes, are the method of choice for launching RF signals on and off a wafer. This article explains their construction, RF characteristics and proper usage. Before the advent of coplanar probes, finding the RF behavior of a die on a wafer...
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New Literature

Analyzer Data sheet This four-page data sheet provides complete detail on the Personal Spectrum Analyzer™, model 401A. Product photographs, descriptions, performance graphs, specifications and ordering information are also provided. Bantam Instruments, Sunnyvale, CA (408) 736-3030. Circle No. 200 Components Catalog The 192-page catalog features hard-to-find programmable devices, memory, microprocessors,...
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Workshops & Courses

Workshops & Courses RF Power Amps, Classes A-S Topics : Provides a detailed explanation of the various classes of RF power amplifiers, and where each class is used in today's wireless designs. Amplifier classes A through S are defined and clearly explained, including the advantages, disadvantages, applications and circuit...
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News From Washington

News From Washington Rockwell Collins Receives Order for Multi-mode Receiver Rockwell Collins is the first to receive Federal Aviation Administration Technical Standard Order approval for a Multi-mode Receiver (MMR) equipped with Microwave Landing System (MLS) functionality that can be implemented in both commercial and military aircraft. Collins MMR is...
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International Report

International Report Galileo Moves Forward The European Galileo satellite navigation system moved a step nearer to reality with a January 2003 industry day designed to cover applications to join and invest in the Galileo joint undertaking that will develop and manage the capability. Designed to provide Europe with an...
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The Commercial Market

The Commercial Market MEMS in Consumer Electronics As far as the consumer electronic market is concerned, MEMS is slowly heading in the right direction, according to In-Stat/MDR. The high tech market research firm reports that the technology is moving forwards in terms of device development, increasing unit shipments, and...
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The Book End

High-Power Microwave Sources and Technologies Robert J. Barker and Edl Schamiloglu, Editors IEEE Press 483 pages; $125 ISBN: 0-7803-6006-0 This book is meant to serve as a definitive reference book for all individuals interested in high power microwave (HPM) sources for possible military applications. It does not discuss full...
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A Modular Switch Filter Bank

A new modular switch filter bank is featured
For many years switch filter banks have been designed as custom RF assemblies with long lead-time, large NRE charges and extreme custom packaging and specifications. A new modular approach to switch filter bank design has been introduced that provides the design engineer with the opportunity to maintain a custom...
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A Small, Low Cost Antenna for WLAN and Bluetooth Applications

Wireless device manufacturers today must fit a growing amount of functionality into continuously decreasing circuit board space. In particular, finding space for the antenna without compromising its performance characteristics has become a major challenge. The AccuWave™ 5800 antenna is an ultra-small tri-band device designed to provide full coverage of...
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