DuraWave™ RF Cable Assemblies

Swift Bridge Technologies’ DuraWave RF cable assemblies are now available for purchase on Digi-Key. The initial launch includes cable assemblies with operation frequencies of 18, 26.5, 33 and 40 GHz. These assemblies utilize N-type, SMA, 3.5 and 2.92 mm connectors. Each unique combination is currently available in two lengths, 0.6 and 1 m. In addition to the configurations available on Digi-Key, DuraWave RF assemblies are also available with other ruggedized connectors in both male and female versions. i.e. 7/16, DIN 9.5 and TNC.

Swift Bridge Technologies


Pulsed Microwave Power Module

The dB-3774B from dB Control is a pulsed microwave power module (MPM). This MPM operates in the 6 to 18 GHz frequency range and provides 1 kW peak power at 5 percent maximum duty cycle. It is designed for high performance electronic warfare applications. A periodic permanent magnet-focused, conduction-cooled mini traveling wave tube (TWT) is used for power amplification and a solid-state driver amplifier provides the required RF gain.

dB Control

TWT Replacement

Exodus AMP2033-LC is designed for replacing aging TWT technology. A broadband, rugged EMC Class A/AB linear design for all modulations and industry standards. Covers 6 to 18 GHz, produces > 100 W minimum, 50 W P1dB, with a minimum 50 dB gain. Excellent flatness, optional monitoring parameters for forward/reflected power, VSWR, voltage, current and temperature sensing for superb reliability. Exodus Quiet-Cool technology in our compact 5U-chassis weighs a nominal 75 lbs.

Exodus Advanced Communications

Amplifier Powers 2000 to 2400 MHz

Mini-Circuits’ model ZHL2G02G4125+ Class AB amplifier delivers +51 dBm (125 W) typical saturated output power from 2000 to 2400 MHz. It achieves 51 dB typical power gain with ±1 dB gain flatness. The RoHS-compliant amplifier is unconditionally stable and consumes 16 A at +28 VDC. Ideal for communications and test systems, it features internal protection against reverse polarity and overheating and measures 110 × 70 × 30 mm with SMA input connector and Type N output connector.


Low Noise Amplifier Expansion

Pasternack’s new series of input protected low noise amplifiers feature broadband frequency coverage ranging from 1 KHz to 40 GHz, GaAs pHEMT semiconductor technology with high gain and noise figure levels as low as 1 dB typical. Input protected designs have up to 1 W CW RF power handling, high gain: 45 dB typical, high gain from 25 to 60 dB. Output P1dB up to +21.5 dB typical operating temperature -40°C to +85°C, rugged and compact mil grade aluminum package designs support female SMA or 2.92 mm connectors.



mmWave Wireless Connectivity Solution

The ADMV9621 and ADMV9611 is a complete mmWave wireless connectivity solution in a small, printed circuit assembly format. All mmWave signals are confined to the printed circuit assembly, simplifying implementation. Wireless transmission is achieved using the integrated circularly-polarized omnidirectional patch antenna array, which enables communication in many applications, including rotation. These solutions are ideal for industrial robotics applications to replace mechanical connectors and wireless slip rings.

Analog Devices Inc.

Compact IF Receiver

The CMT compact IF receiver modules are ideal for radio astronomy projects. The module incorporates many features into a small package. Features include high gain (70 to 90 dB), a five-bit digital programable attenuator, integrated bandpass filters, output total output power detector and overload protection. Noise figure of 1 to 1.5 dB is typical. An RF test port is also included. These modules operate from a single supply. Applications include IF chain for THz SIS mixers.

Cosmic Microwave Technology Inc.