PC-ANS2-3Programmable, synthesised RF signal sources feature frequency and level control (plus modulation with the ANS3 series) and, with a standard office PC, provide a turn-key solution for variable frequency sources for both systems and test equipment applications.

Directly connecting to the PC serial port, each unit can be set to frequencies within a variety of ranges and at levels up to +10dBm for ANS2 and 8dBm for ANS3 via an easy to use control panel software. The non volatile memory enables the selected settings to be retained in the stand alone unit. Each unit contains a +/-1ppm stability reference TCXO but can also be used with an external reference.

Both series offer wide tuning ranges, low phase noise, non-volatile memory and are low cost and compact. Custom options are also available.

The sources are supplied complete with operating software, special interface cable and wall mount power supply (18V dc for ANS2 and 9V dc for ANS3).

ANS2 Series
• 45MHz to 2500 MHz
• Directly PC Programmable
• +10 dBm Output Power
• Buffered RF Output

ANS3 Series
• 65MHz to 5875 MHz
• With Modulation/Trigger
• Directly PC Programmable – RS232
• 1KHz Steps
• 7dBm Output Power

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