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Giga-tronics ASCOR ATE Switching Catalog

RF/Microwave Signal Switching Catalog. RF Interface Units, Signal Switching and System Integration for ATE.

Microwave Components and Sources Catalog

Microwave Synthesizer Modules. YIG-tuned Filters. YIG-tuned Oscillators.

Standard Switch Power Handling Capability

The power handling capability of Renaissance Switch Products as a function of operating frequency is shown in a graph.

Series HGM & HGV Mechanically-Tuned and VCO Gunn Oscillators

The HGM and HGV series Gunn Oscillators cover the range from 7 – 150 GHz. A wide variety of designs provide the user with a solution for most applications. Units are available with mechanical and/or electrical tuning, providing many possible tuning configurations.

Series HSWM High Power Switches

The HSWM series of broadband high power switches covers the waveguide bands from 18 - 80 GHz. They utilize a low loss microstrip structure using GaAs MMICs which also offer high RF power handling as compared to our standard finline-based switches.

Series HSW SPST & SPDT PIN Switches

The HSW series of broadband PIN Diode switches covers the waveguide bands from 18 - 110 GHz. The switches utilize a low loss finline structure with silicon or GaAs beam lead diodes for minimum insertion loss and maximum isolation.

Series HMM Broadband Frequency Multipliers

The HMM Series Multipliers cover the range from 18 - 100 GHz. A wide variety of doubler and tripler designs provide the designer with a solution for many applications. Full waveguide band units are available through 100 GHz. These multipliers are used as frequency extenders in test equipment and as mixer LO’s. Standard units are available to be driven with 10-40 mW and high power options are available for 100 mW drive. No DC bias is required.


Renaissance Electronics has developed a SPDT Latching switch with a height reduction of 40%, and less weight over standard models. This switch maintains all the electrical characteristics of our standard model.


Renaissance Electronics multi-port switches are broadband, (DC-18 GHz) available in a normally open configuration. These switches have break before make RF contacts that switch from a common input to any of 8 outputs. Multi-port switches are available in two sizes, 6 port and 8 port.

Base Station Emulator Test System

Renaissance Electronics has developed Switch Matrices Base Station Emulators to support a software-based test system to solve capacity and coverage problems. These emulator systems allow companies to conduct unique testing within their labs by allowing switching between multiple systems and equipments.