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Occupied Bandwidth and Channel Power Measurements with a Real-time Spectrum Analyzer

As wireless telecommunication features continue to expand into vir¬tually every control and sense technology in military, industrial, and domestic environments, a wide array of new wireless transmitters and transmitter components will need to be designed, prototyped, calibrated, and analyzed for quality assurance.
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Four Critical Success Factors for a Tech Refresh Application Brief

There will always be faster and better technology. When the benefits become undeniable, be ready with a cost-effective strategy for technology refresh. Planning ahead will help you maximize return on investment and streamline the transformation. Get our application brief and discover the four essential elements of an effective tech-refresh strategy.

Fundamentals of Building a Test System: Modeling the Total Cost of Ownership of an Automated Test System

Learn about the tools and insight you need to evaluate your test organization, propose changes where significant cost savings are available, and improve the profitability of your company year over year with smarter investment decisions.

Combining Near-Field Measurement and Simulation for EMC Radiation Analysis

Electronic components are required to comply with the global EMC regulations to ensure failure free operation. Currently, EMC measurements in certified institutes are mandatory to certify performance complies with regulations.

Webcast- A Practical Guide to Understanding the Road to 5G

High expectations for 5G means high risk for developers. See how we can help smooth the way in our on-demand webcast, The Road to 5G. Watch Now.

Digitizer Squarely Aimed at 5G Applications

You may not know of Guzik Technical Enterprise. The small California-based company is an innovator in the disk drive test market, and more recently has entered the broader electronic test market with a series of AXIe-based digitizers and signal processors.

The Essential Resource Guide to 3GPP: An Overview of 5G New Radio

The most effective wireless researchers have something in common: they understand the complexity of looking at standards, what their competitors are doing, and how-to work towards 5G development for their organization. Our complete guide will provide an overview and update.

5 Essential Hints to Improve Millimeter-wave Network Analysis

Improve your results for design and test network analysis at millimeter-wave frequencies: get five hints to help you optimize device performance.

Antenna Design for 5G Communications

The new 5G requirements will create opportunities for diverse new applications that will impact the design process. Read more about FEKO’s comprehensive solutions for device and base station antenna design.

Buy Any Keysight Big5 Bench Instrument, Get A Complimentary Handheld!

Get the details for the Keysight Big5 Promotion (April 1, 2017 – September 30, 2017) describing eligibility requirements and other information to receive the Keysight U1242C Handheld DMM at no cost when you buy any Keysight eligible bench product. This offer is valid until September 30, 2017 and is only available in the United States, Canada, Latin America, Asia Pacific and Japan.