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Radio Channel Emulation for LTE User Equipment Testing

This White Paper begins by explaining how fading occurs and describing traditional methods of radio channel emulation. It continues to describe the innovative, all-digital, approach used in the Aeroflex 7100 Series Radio Test Platform. It will be demonstrated that the Aeroflex platform allows realistic testing of LTE user equipment to be performed in a way that is impractical with traditional methods.

Best Practices for Making the Most Accurate Radar Pulse Measurements

Fast, accurate radar pulse measurements are critical when designing or manufacturing radar components. Knowing how to optimize power measurement tools will help engineers meet stringent market demands. Get tips on how to make the fastest and most accurate radar pulse measurements by reading this application note. This article also includes real-world scenarios that demonstrate how to put these tips into practice with Agilent power meters and sensors.

Solutions for 802.11ad PHY Layer Testing

This application note is designed to provide you with the latest insights on enabling simulation, generation and analysis of the 802.11ad emerging IEEE standard providing Very High Throughput (VHT)—up to 7 Gbps using approximately 2 GHz of spectrum at 60 GHz over a short range.

RF Substrate Technologies for Mobile Communications

This white paper discusses a variety of RF materials and substrates capable of meeting RF Front-End module designers’ requirements. You will gain insight into how state-of-the-art expertise in substrate technology can enable the mobile devices of the next decade.

Small-Signal Intermodulation Distortion in OFDM Transmission Systems

The small-signal nonlinear distortion of a system can be described with sufficient accuracy using a third order Volterra expansion of the output in terms of the input. This simple model assumes a memoryless, frequency independent amplifier system, whereby the amplifier characteristics remain constant over the operation bandwidth or, stated equivalently, the operation bandwidth is small compared with the available amplifier system bandwidth....

RF Amplifier Output Voltage, Current, Power, and Impedance Relationship

The mismatch between these real loads and the amplifier's output impedance result in a percentage of the forward power being reflected back to the amplifier. In some cases, excessive reflected power can damage an amplifier and precautions that may affect forward power are required. This Application note highlights the major RF amplifier characteristics that impact forward power as well as net power allowing the use of Ohm's law, even when conditions are far from ideal.

Measurement of Group Delay

This application note discusses the Measurement of Group Delay and Amplitude response of RF and Microwave components and assemblies, including frequency converters, using the 6840 series Microwave System Analyzer with the Group Delay option from Aeroflex.

Leverage Circuit Envelope Simulation to Improve

Optimizing a PA design for one parameter invariably requires sacrifi cing the performance of another. This delicate balance between performance and effi ciency is not the only conundrum, because designers of 4G PAs must also contend with demands for greater instantaneous bandwidth. As a result, designers of next-generation PAs are relying on simulation more than ever before, and their tasks include frequency domain simulation, time domain simulation, and now circuit envelope simulation.

LO Harmonic Effects on TRF3705 Sideband Suppression

The LO harmonic effects on I/Q errors and sideband suppression (SBS) in the RF modulator was analyzed in application report SLWA059. This application report further investigated LO harmonic effects when attempting to achieve an increased level of SBS performance.

Statistical Analysis of Modern Communication Signals

The introduction of this digital transmission technology has made it necessary to deal with peak power levels up to 20 dB above the average value. All of the RF power components must be capable of handling these high voltage peaks to avoid break down, or flash over.
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