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Online Panel: Will Flat Panel Beamsteering Arrays Meet the SATCOM Challenge?


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3/26/24 11:00 am to 12:15 pm EDT

Event Description

Online Panel Series

Title: Online Panel: Will Flat Panel Beamsteering Arrays Meet the SATCOM Challenge?

Date: March 26, 2024

Time: 8am PT / 11am ET

Sponsored by: Anritsu, Anokiwave is now Qorvo, ARA, Inc. and AnTrust

The panel of industry experts will discuss the challenges and solutions around flat panel beamsteering arrays for SATCOM applications. Panelists will debate topics such as beamsteering methods, RF architecture, antenna arrays, testing/verification methods and others including performance achieved by their products and partners to date in the market.

Moderator: Pat Hindle, Media Director, Microwave Journal®
Panelist: Ryan Jennings, Director of SATCOM & Systems Engineering, Anokiwave is now Qorvo
Panelist: David Thombs, Deputy Chief Technology Officer & VP Technology Strategy, ARA, Inc
Panelist: Ken Hersey, President, AnTrust

Panel Participant Bios:

Moderator – Microwave Journal®
Pat Hindle, Media Director

Pat Hindle is media director for Microwave Journal® and has been with the magazine for 12 years. He parlayed his process engineering background into a management role in marketing communications for several leading microwave semiconductor manufacturers including MACOM, Raytheon and Skyworks (Alpha Industries), in addition to working at MIT Nanostructures Laboratory manufacturing X-ray diffraction gratings for space research telescopes like Chandra. He has a B.S. in Materials Science Engineering from Cornell University and MBA from Northeastern University. In his current role as MWJ editorial director, he is responsible for setting MWJ’s editorial direction and developing marketing opportunities for industry clients. He has been the conference manager for EDI CON China and helped launch Signal Integrity™ Journal plus co-hosts the Frequency Matters videos and podcasts.

Anokiwave is now Qorvo
Ryan Jennings, Director of SATCOM & Systems Engineering

Ryan Jennings is the Director of SATCOM & Systems Engineering at Qorvo and is responsible for the SATCOM technology roadmap, new product development and customer support. Prior to the acquisition of Anokiwave by Qorvo, Ryan was a VP of SATCOM and Systems.  Ryan brings over 25 years of experience leading mission-critical technology efforts for commercial, intelligence and defense customers. Prior to his career at Anokiwave, Ryan held many roles at Ball Aerospace ranging from Principal RF Systems and Antenna Engineer to Senior Manager responsible for Phased Array Systems for High Data Rate communications. Ryan received a B.S. degree in electrical, electronics and communications engineering from the University of Kentucky and an MBA with a focus in executive leadership from Regis University. He holds several phased-array related patents.

ARA, Inc.
David Thombs, Deputy Chief Technology Officer & VP Technology Strategy

In his current position at Antenna Research Associates (ARA), as Deputy Chief Technology Officer, David Thombs is responsible for the technology strategy and function across the ARA enterprise. Mr. Thombs also provided consultation services to the Massachusetts High Technology Council, developing and implementing the MATTERS High Tech Sector online tool. As a second term member of Rockwell Collins Supplier Advisory Council, he provided guidance and advice on best supply chain management processes.

Ken Hersey, President
Ken Hersey, the President of AnTrust, possesses an extensive background in program and project management as well as the engineering of RF/antenna systems for the commercial, civilian, and defense sectors. With more than three decades in the field, he has successfully undertaken the design, development, manufacturing, testing, qualification, and delivery of antennas to numerous space and ground-based missions. Presently, Mr. Hersey leads a team at AnTrust comprising engineers, designers, and technicians who develop components and subsystems for RF communications and RF sensing solutions. In addition, AnTrust also provides services such as CNC fabrication, inspection, and anechoic chamber testing. Throughout his career, Mr. Hersey has evaluated, consulted, managed, and developed a variety of beamsteering antenna solutions for commercial and government customers. He holds a B.S.E.E. from North Carolina State University and an M.S.E.E. from The George Washington University, specializing in satellite communications. He is recognized as a Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

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