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Microwave Capable DACs with Synchronized Signals


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9/20/23 3:30 pm to 10/20/23 12:00 pm EDT

Event Description

Microwave Capable DACs with Synchronized Signals

Date: OnDemand

Sponsored by: Teledyne e2v Semiconductors

Don’t miss these informative webinars from Teledyne e2v Semiconductors.

  • Most Advanced Microwave Capable Dual DAC Generating Aligned Signals: A Demonstration of EV12DD700
    • You will see the latest DAC from Teledyne e2v, EV12DD700: 12-bit dual channel, 12 GSps, dual outputs on a FMC evaluation board.
      The DAC will be presented using its to independent outputs to generate to signals and the aim of this video is showcasing the ease to synchronize two outputs to generate two perfectly aligned signals.
      This case answers the needs of systems requiring two outputs aligned taking into consideration environmental mismatches.
    • Presenter: Héline Barneoud, Application Engineer
  • Demonstration of Two Component Synchronization Functionality for EV12DD700
    • The EV12DD700 is Teledyne e2v latest DAC, enabling direct conversion up to Ka band, and multi-band direct conversion from L to Ku. It is a dual channel 12-bit DAC, converting at up to 12 GSps (NRZ, RF and 2RF modes). The DAC embeds digital processing features like Digital Up Conversion (DUC) with multiple interpolation ratios, Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) and Chirp generation, Beam-Forming, Beam-Hopping and ultra-fast Frequency Hopping capability.
      The chirp function allows chirp generation without any FPGA.
    • Presenter: Héline Barneoud, Application Engineer

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