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Online Panel: Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing Technologies for RF/Microwave Applications


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1/18/23 11:00 am to 12:15 pm EDT

Event Description

Online Panel Series

Title: Online Panel: Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing Technologies for RF/Microwave Applications

Date: January 18, 2023

Time: 8am PT / 11am ET

Sponsored by: Fortify, Frontgrade Technologies (formerly CAES), Nano Dimension and Nanoe

This panel of experts will discuss a new generation of products enabled by additive manufacturing or 3D printing that are able to achieve shapes and materials properties that are not available from traditional manufacturing techniques. From PCBs to connectors to antennas to waveguides, many new additive manufacturing processes are creating lighter, smaller and better performing products than traditional processes in shapes that were not previously possible to realize.

Moderator: Pat Hindle, Media Director, Microwave Journal®
Panelist: Colby Hobart, Senior RF Applications Engineer, Fortify
Panelist: Matthew Lannon, Antenna Engineering Manager, Frontgrade Technologies (formerly CAES)
Panelist: Volkan Efe, Director, Applications Product Champion, Nano Dimension
Panelist: Guillaume de Calan, Co-founder and CEO, Nanoe

Panel Participant Bios:

Moderator – Microwave Journal®

Pat Hindle, Media Director

Pat Hindle is media director for Microwave Journal® and has been with the magazine for 12 years. He parlayed his process engineering background into a management role in marketing communications for several leading microwave semiconductor manufacturers including MACOM, Raytheon and Skyworks (Alpha Industries), in addition to working at MIT Nanostructures Laboratory manufacturing X-ray diffraction gratings for space research telescopes like Chandra. He has a B.S. in Materials Science Engineering from Cornell University and MBA from Northeastern University. In his current role as MWJ editorial director, he is responsible for setting MWJ’s editorial direction and developing marketing opportunities for industry clients. He has been the conference manager for EDI CON China and helped launch Signal Integrity™ Journal plus co-hosts the Frequency Matters videos and podcasts.


Colby Hobart, Senior RF Applications Engineer

Colby completed his MS degree requirements in Electrical engineering in 2004 at Worcester Polytech. He is an experienced Radio Frequency Engineer in both the design and applications engineering areas over 18 years in the field. He has held positions with several subcontractor suppliers to the military prime contractors, performing work on various passive components for radar systems. This work includes component design of microwave filters and other front end devices, as well as RF PCB manufacturing support across areas in applications engineering, design for manufacturing, automated RF testing, and comprehensive failure analysis. New to the additive manufacturing space, Colby brings his breadth of experience in RF and radar to 3D printing of complex materials. His main focus in the RF Applications role is to bridge the gap between the type of RF design engineer he has worked with for years and the enabling technology that brings relevant low-loss RF materials to the additive manufacturing market. He very much enjoys the excitement of demonstrating to customers the enhanced antenna performance they can achieve through additive technology.

Frontgrade Technologies (formerly CAES)

Matthew Lannon, Antenna Engineering Manager

Matthew Lannon has almost twenty years of experience supporting commercial, automotive, and aerospace & defense antenna applications and currently serves as the Antenna Engineering Manager for the CAES Space Systems Division. He works closely with customers from project conception through the detailed design effort and into production and deployment to promote success. Recent design efforts have focused on Additive Manufacturing (AM) metal printing of various RF devices including horn antennas, slotted waveguide arrays, and monopulse comparators. Matthew holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Nano Dimension

Volkan Efe, Director, Applications Product Champion

Volkan is an experienced engineering and technical lead with over 20 years in the defense, wireless communications, and consumer electronics industries. He is an expert in the design, development, and testing of advanced RF and antenna systems, including active beamforming phased array antennas and wireless power transfer devices. Volkan is passionate about contributing to the development of disruptive technologies and has been a part of several successful startups, including WiTricity Corp, a global leader in wireless charging, and Starry Inc., an innovative fixed 5G broadband internet service. He has also led high-volume RF/antenna projects for companies such as Motorola and Raytheon, resulting in 15 patents and other professional recognitions. Volkan holds a BSc degree from Bilkent University in Turkey and a Master’s degree from the University of Maryland, College Park.


Guillaume de Calan, Co-founder and CEO

Guillaume de Calan is the co-founder and CEO of Nanoe, a leading supplier of high tech raw materials for the ceramic industry. Through our brand Zetamix, we also launched the first line of filaments for accessible 3D printing of ceramic and metal parts, and Zetamix Epsilon, a line of high permittivity dielectric filaments for RF and microwave applications.

At Nanoe, we believe material innovation is at the core of new emerging technologies such as 3D printing, radiofrequencies, medical implants and many more, and we strive to develop and produce best in class raw materials for these applications.