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DESIGN AND ANALYSIS SOLUTIONS FOR INTEGRATED RF SYSTEMS FORUM: Virtuoso RF Integrates EM Analysis for RFIC and System-in-Package Design


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12/15/21 2:00 pm to 12/15/21 3:00 pm EST

Event Description

Design and Analysis Solutions for Integrated RF Systems Forum

Title: Virtuoso RF Integrates EM Analysis for RFIC and System-in-Package Design

Date: December 15, 2021

Time: 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET

Presented by: Kevin Morot, STMicroelectronics, Ron Pongratz, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Cadence, Dr. Claudia Roesch, Product Engineering Director, Cadence and Art Schaldenbrand, Sr. Principal Product Engineer, Cadence

This presentation presents an RFIC and RF SiP flow built on the Virtuoso System Design Platform, incorporating new co-design capabilities for simultaneous editing of the IC and SiP module, multiple electromagnetic (EM) analysis solvers to give designers different methods of physical extraction that can easily be entered back into the schematic without breaking the golden schematic, and trusted simulation and analysis engines through the tightly integrated Virtuoso ADE Product Suite and Spectre® RF Option. In the second part of this talk, the results of the evaluation of the Virtuoso RF Solution/EMX Planar 3D Solver flow on a fully integrated 77GHz 28FDSOI LNA for automotive radar applications are presented and discussed. The full integration of this new RF flow within the Virtuoso platform with the availability of an efficient 3D planar EM solver such as EMX allows designers to correctly characterize all the passive components of an entire IC (inductors, transformers, connections, moncap and resistors), without any partitioning of the layout itself. Moreover, the creation of an extracted view, with the S-parameters from the EM solver automatically stitched within the schematic view, enables designers to create a Spectre® RF testbench; it is thus possible to easily evaluate the impact of EM parasitics on the overall performance of the IC.

Presenter Bios:

Kevin defended a PhD thesis on electromagnetic characterization, modelling and optimization of 3D electrical path for high-speed application. He then joined the Analog RF CAD team at STMicroelectronics. His mission focus on Electromagnetic extraction flows including technology enablement, development, support and evaluation of new solutions.

Ron is a Sr. product marketing manager overseeing The Virtuoso RF Design Platform. Prior to joining Cadence Ron was a mmW and RF IC design engineer working on 5G transceivers. Ron holds a B.Sc. in electrical engineering from Tel Aviv university.

Claudia joined Cadence in 2000 as Services AE, and is based in Munich, Germany.

During her time at Cadence she worked many years as Services Project Manager and held different roles in Technical Sales and Customer Support. In 2020 she moved to Product Engineering and is now driving Virtuoso RF. Prior to joining Cadence, Claudia was studying Physics in Germany, the US, and France. She received her PhD from the University in Cologne, Germany.

Art Schaldenbrand is a Sr. principle product engineer at Cadence responsible for product engineering and direction of the company’s transistor level simulation solutions within the Virtuoso platform including Spectre, Spectre RF, and reliability analysis. Prior to his current role, Art was a Sr. technical leader responsible for architecting solutions to design challenges that traditional design tools do not address, such as CMOS Image Sensor simulation. Art has authored over 30 publications on Analog and RF design/modeling and share a patent for “Modeling and simulating device mismatch for designing integrated circuits”, issued May 8, 2012.

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