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Pulse Stability Issues with GaN and Impact of Radar Systems


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5/19/21 11:00 am to 5/19/21 12:00 pm EST

Event Description

Technical Education Webinar Series

Title: Pulse Stability Issues with GaN and Impact of Radar Systems

Date: May 19, 2021

Time: 8am PT / 11am ET

Sponsored by: Rohde & Schwarz and Teledyne e2v HiRel Electronics

Presented by: Walt Schulte, Applications Engineer, Rohde and Schwarz

As the adoption of solid-state devices in radar prove significant advances in system performance, the use a Gallium Nitride (GaN) has become the semiconductor of choice. While GaN offers tremendous gains in efficiency, there can be some challenges with high power pulse applications. In this webinar, we define pulse-to-pulse phase stability and discuss its effects on a delay line canceller to reduce stationary clutter in MTI processing. We then explain sources of phase instability in GaN TRMs operating in “burst mode” and define phase stability metrics. Finally, we discuss phase noise and pulse stability measurements of GaN amplifiers.

Presenter Bio:

Mr. Schulte has 18 years’ experience in the defense sector. He spent the past 10 years in test and measurement in both EW applications and R&D. Prior to this, Mr. Schulte worked for NAVAIR as a systems and test engineer for a defensive electronic warfare countermeasure suite. He also worked for a small defense company as a scientist developing synthetic aperture radar models and simulations for a government agency. Before this, he served as a First Division officer aboard a frigate stationed in San Diego. Mr. Schulte received his BSEE from the University of California, Los Angeles.

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