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Optimized Silicon Wafers: The Ultimate Solution for Improved RF Filter and Device Performance


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4/21/21 11:00 am to 4/21/21 12:00 pm EDT

Event Description

Technical Education Webinar Series

Title: Optimized Silicon Wafers: The Ultimate Solution for Improved RF Filter and Device Performance

Date: April 21, 2021

Time: 8am PT / 11am ET

Sponsored by: Okmetic

Presented by: Dr. Atte Haapalinna, Chief Technical Officer and Petri Santala, Customer Support Manager

5G and the wider bands, lower latency, greater connectivity and higher frequencies are setting new performance standards for RF filters and other RF devices (IPDs, switches, amplifiers, antenna tuners, etc.). There is also added pressure on new product innovations to overcome the mobile industry’s interference challenges and more stringent parameter requirements. Additionally, new kinds of characteristics and performance is expected from the substrates as the entire smartphone value chain struggles to find the perfect balance between improved performance, increased functionality and cost pressures.

The choice of substrate has a significant effect on the performance and TCO of RF filters and other RF devices, which is why the demand for tailored, process-optimized substrates has surged. In this webinar, technical experts from Okmetic discuss the typical challenges RF manufacturers are encountering and the latest silicon wafer solutions developed to tackle these challenges. Okmetic is the world’s leading supplier of advanced silicon wafers for the RF/power and MEMS/sensor market and the seventh largest silicon wafer supplier in the world. Okmetic has an entire line of high resistivity RFSi™ wafers targeted for the RF market that are optimal for all types of acoustic wave filters, IPD devices, power amplifiers, integrated RFIC power amplifiers, as well as silicon interposers. Tune in to learn more about the latest substrate trends in the RF market.

Presenter Bio:

Dr. Atte Haapalinna is chief technical officer at Okmetic, the leading supplier of advanced silicon wafers. He has published two dozen papers on various applications of advanced silicon substrates, silicon damage characterization and silicon photodetectors. Dr. Haapalinna has been with Okmetic since 1998, holding various positions including senior vice president of products, senior vice president of customer support and senior manager of new business development. He has participated in development of C-SOI® substrates, ultra-low resistivity power applications and engineered high resistivity materials for RF applications. Dr. Haapalinna received his Ph.D. at the Helsinki University of Technology (now Aalto University), Finland.

Mr. Petri Santala is the customer support manager at Okmetic. He is responsible for technical customer support in North America, which has gained him vast expertise on RF manufacturers’ needs and optimized wafer solutions. Mr. Santala has over 20 years of experience in silicon-based material engineering. He has worked for Okmetic since 1999 and held various positions related to research and development, process engineering and quality and applications support. In recent years, he has also been actively involved in SEMI Manufacturing Working Group’s substrate standardization work and has spoken at various semiconductor events. Mr. Santala received his bachelor’s degree in process engineering at the Espoo University of Applied Sciences, Finland.

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