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Impact of 5G on Electronic Warfare Operations


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3/31/21 11:00 am to 3/31/21 12:00 pm EST

Event Description

Technical Education Webinar Series

Title: Impact of 5G on Electronic Warfare Operations

Date: March 31, 2021

Time: 8am PT / 11am ET

Sponsored by: Rohde & Schwarz and IQ Analog

Presented by: Dave Adamy

Since 5G will provide improved data rate with reduced latency, it will enhance many military functions, particularly remote testing and control applications. To date, the application of 5G has been largely limited to the lower frequency bands because of the high propagation losses at millimeter wave (MMW) frequencies. However the full benefits of 5G will come with the use the MMW band. Thus, future hostile military 5G systems can be expected to involve large numbers of networked devices connected by highly directional links which incorporate phased arrays with many elements. It will also involve short links because of high propagation losses. Long range applications will require cooperative operation between MMW and lower frequency links.

This webinar will deal with MMW propagation and then discuss the expected trends in EW systems and operations at these frequencies. Clearly, 5G will bring significant challenges to Electronic Warfare operations, particularly when its operation matures into millimeter wave. Thus EW operations will require employment of networked sensors and jammers to be able to penetrate MMW links for intercept and jamming. Also important will be operation against lower frequency signals which control higher frequency signals.

Presenter Bio:

Dave Adamy has over 50 years’ experience developing EW systems from DC to Light, deployed on platforms from submarines to space, with specifications from QRC to high reliability. For the last 30 years, he has run his own company, performing studies for the US Government and defense contractors. He has also presented dozens of courses in the US and allied countries on Electronic Warfare and related subjects. He has published over 250 professional articles on Electronic Warfare, receiver system design and closely related subjects, including the popular EW101 column in the Journal of Electronic Defense. He holds an MSEE (Communication theory) and has 16 books in print.

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