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Understanding What Can Affect PCB Dk Variation and Phase Consistency


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6/30/20 11:00 am to 6/30/20 12:00 pm EST

Event Description

Technical Education Webinar Series

Title: Understanding What Can Affect PCB Dk Variation and Phase Consistency

Date: June 30, 2020

Time: 8am PT / 11am ET

Sponsored by: Rogers Corporation

Presented by: John Coonrod, Technical Marketing Manager

This webinar will give an overview of how circuit materials and circuit fabrication can impact the phase consistency and the circuit-perceived dielectric constant (Dk). Many of the newer millimeter-wave applications are much more sensitive to phase variation than some microwave applications. The circuit-perceived Dk is what Rogers Corporation designates as Design Dk. The Design Dk is basically a Dk value of the material, which is generated by an extraction process based on RF circuit performance.

Variations of phase response and Dk are typically assumed to be mostly related to circuit material properties and their variations. That assumption can be partially true, but there are numerous things in the PCB fabrication process which can impact phase consistency and Design Dk. Additionally, the operating conditions and the end-use environment of which the circuit is subjected, can play a role in the variations of phase response and Design Dk. This webinar will cover the potential causes for phase and Dk variations, when using Printed Circuit Board (PCB) technology for RF applications.


  • Overview of high frequency circuit material properties and their normal variations
  • Specific PCB fabrication processes which can influence variation of phase response and Design Dk
  • Common test methods used to determine the Dk of a material
  • The influences of operating conditions and end-use environments

Presenter Bio:

John Coonrod is the Technical Marketing Manager for Rogers Corporation’s Advanced Connectivity Solutions. John has 32 years of experience in the Printed Circuit Board industry. About half of this time was spent in the Flexible Printed Circuit Board industry regarding circuit design, applications, processing and materials engineering. The past eighteen years have been spent supporting High Frequency Circuit materials involving circuit fabrication, providing application support and conducting electrical characterization studies. John is the Chair for the IPC D24C High Frequency Test Methods Task Group and holds a Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering degree from Arizona State University.

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