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11/4/19 to 11/6/19

Event Description

COMCAS 2019 continues the tradition of providing a multidisciplinary forum for the exchange of ideas, research results, and industry experience in areas such as communications, antennas, Radar, RF and Microwave Circuits and Systems, and Bio-medical Engineering.

Following the previous COMCAS conferences, we expect more than 1600 participants from about 40 countries around the world.

IEEE COMCAS 2019 will deal with issues including: Innovations in Technology, Digital AESA Radar, MW Circuits modeling and Simulation, Space Oriented technology, Thermal Management, Advanced Packaging, 5G and "Internet of Things" communications.

We welcome the IEEE Electronic Packaging Society (EPS) to COMCAS 2019 and thank them for providing a Packaging and Thermal Management program Track, which addresses issues of critical interest to the electronic industry, such as Design & Reliability, Heterogeneous Integration, WLP, Flip Chip, new Materials & Processes, and an in-depth exploration of thermal management challenges and opportunities.

IEEE COMCAS 2019 will host the IEEE Young Professionals event, WIE Session (Women in Engineering)  and COMCAS WirelessApps session. 

Attractive workshops (invited sessions) and seminars are also very important part of the IEEE COMCAS 2019 and are included in the 3 days registration.

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