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Accelerating 5G Design Innovation Through Simulation


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6/19/19 11:00 am to 6/19/19 12:00 pm EST

Event Description

Technical Education Webinar Series

Title: Accelerating 5G Design Innovation Through Simulation

Date: June 19, 2019

Time: 8am PT / 11am ET

Sponsored by: ANSYS Inc.

Presented by: Dr. Larry Williams, Director of Technology, ANSYS Inc. and Arien Sligar, Principal Engineer, ANSYS Inc.

Modern electromagnetic simulation is founded on the vision that all electronic design is fundamentally based on Maxwell’s Equations, thus solving them directly would one day become the basis for the highest performance design. That day is today.

In this workshop presentation, ANSYS simulation experts will show how engineers deliver design innovation for 5G RF front-end systems using advanced physics-based simulation. You will see that modern challenges for the RF channel including antennas, RF front-end modules, and radio circuits can be addressed using electromagnetic and multiphysics tools.

Industry examples include active phased array antenna systems for real-time beamforming, modern smartphone antenna and design, radiation channel propagation modeling, and how modern electromagnetic field solvers combine with circuits and systems for RF module and base station RF system modeling.

Critical in modern RFIC module design for both sub-6GHz and mm-wave design is the ability to create layout-based design assemblies. That design capability will be covered to illustrate how a combination of multi-die laminate structures can be assembled and then analyzed for electrical and electro-thermal performance.

5G systems require significant signal processing and data center switching resulting in new challenges in chip, package, printed circuit board integration.

Applications of 5G for future Autonomous vehicles and smart cities will also be explored illustrating challenges and opportunities. The presentation concludes with a vision on what the future will bring and how it will impact organizations that embrace it.

Presenter Bios:

Dr. Larry Williams is Director of Technology at ANSYS Inc. He is responsible for promoting the strategic opportunities for the company’s physics simulation products. Dr. Williams is an expert in the application of electromagnetic field simulation to the design of antennas, electromagnetic devices, and high-speed electronics. He has over 20 years’ experience in the fields of electromagnetics and communications engineering, has delivered technical lectures internationally, and has published numerous technical papers on the subject. He and his co-authors won the prestigious H.A. Wheeler Prize Paper Award in the IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, 1995, and the best paper award at DesignCon 2005. He serves on the UC Irvine Henry Samueli School of Engineering Dean’s Leadership Council and on the California State Polytechnic University Electrical Engineering Department Advisory Board.

Dr. Williams held various senior engineering positions in the Engineering Division of Hughes Aircraft Company, Radar Systems Group, where he was responsible for hardware design and development of advanced active phased array radar antennas, array element and aperture design, associated microwave subsystems, and antenna metrology.

He received his Masters, Engineers, and Ph.D. degrees from UCLA in 1989, 1993 and 1995, respectively.

Arien Sligar is Principal Engineer at ANSYS Inc. where he is responsible for advanced application of numerical simulation for electromagnetics and electronics. He is an expert in the application of electromagnetic field simulation to the design of antennas, complex antenna systems, microwave components, and high-speed electronics. He works with leading technology companies and provides engineering guidance allowing them to successfully apply simulation and automated workflows to their most difficult design challenges. He received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in electrical engineering from Oregon State University in 2004 and 2006, respectively.

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