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High Frequency Materials for 5G Base Station Applications


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6/11/19 11:00 am to 6/11/19 12:00 pm EST

Event Description

Technical Education Webinar Series

Title: High Frequency Materials for 5G Base Station Applications

Date: June 11, 2019

Time: 8am PT / 11am ET

Sponsored by: Rogers Corporation

Presented by: John Coonrod, Technical Marketing Manager and John Hendricks, Market Segment Manager

5G is the next generation of wireless telecommunication networks, and there are substantial differences with previous generation technologies, which place different demands on PCB materials. This webinar will discuss high frequency materials for 5G infrastructure, and what circuit designers need to consider for 5G designs.

Unlike previous generations, 5G will operate in two widely different frequency ranges, commonly referred to as sub-6 GHz and mm-wave. This places different requirements on materials, how they are processed and treated, and what properties become critical compared to 3G and 4G designs. Below 6 GHz, the trend to massive MIMO antennas means there are a much larger number of transceivers and power amplifiers, and those amplifiers operate at lower power. However, the same approach to antenna design means that “bent metal” antennas and double sided PCBs are becoming rare, and increasingly the antennas themselves are multilayer boards incorporating distribution layers and calibration networks as well as the radiators themselves, which has significant implications for material selection. At mm-wave, other material characteristics become important, such as dielectric homogeneity and copper foil properties.

This presentation will look at the different needs for power amplifiers and antennas, in both frequency bands. In addition, we will look at the trend to greater PCB integration and complexity, the use of higher count multilayer PCBs, the importance of specific surface treatments, and the implications for material selection.

The webinar will be presented with the following agenda:

  • Market overview for 5G base stations
  • Differences in material requirements for 5G compared to 4G
  • Design and PCB fabrication issues that affect circuit performance

Presenter Bios:

John Coonrod is the Technical Marketing Manager for Rogers Corporation’s Advanced Connectivity Solutions. John has 32 years of experience in the Printed Circuit Board industry. About half of this time was spent in the Flexible Printed Circuit Board industry regarding circuit design, applications, processing and materials engineering. The past eighteen years have been spent supporting High Frequency Circuit materials involving circuit fabrication, providing application support and conducting electrical characterization studies. John is the Chair for the IPC D24C High Frequency Test Methods Task Group and holds a Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering degree from Arizona State University.

John Hendricks graduated in 1984, from Manchester University in England, with a BSc in Physics. He then joined Marconi Defence Systems where he worked as a microwave engineer, before moving to the Test & Measurement Division at Rohde & Schwarz. In 1990, he joined Rogers Corporation, where he currently works as a Market Segment Manager for Advanced Connectivity Solutions.

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