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Predicting Aerospace/Avionics Performance Against Electromagnetic Effects (E3) and EMC Requirements


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12/6/18 11:00 am to 12/6/18 12:00 pm EST

Event Description

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SIMULIA EM eSeminar Series 2018

The susceptibility of aircraft systems to Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3) is a growing concern in the aviation industry. Digital design and simulation of aircraft electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) performance is therefore increasingly important, both in the early stages of design and throughout the aircraft lifecycle. This eSeminar will discuss the use of multi-scale electromagnetic simulation for virtual EMC assessment.

Presenter bio:
David Johns oversees the SIMULIA electromagnetics team in North America. He holds a PhD in electrical engineering, specializing in electromagnetic simulation. Dr. Johns has extensive experience in applying electromagnetic simulation to a wide range of industry applications, especially for aerospace electromagnetic environmental effects and compatibility (EMC).

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