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SHP is an engineering based company with over 60 years combined experience in the areas of design, manufacture and application of hermetic seals and seal products.

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Special Hermetic Products
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Special Hermetic Products Announces Certification to ISO 9001:2008

Special Hermetic Products Inc. (SHP) announced certification to ISO 9001:2008. In business since 1988, SHP is a leader in the design and manufacture of hermetically sealed feedthrus, connectors, headers, assemblies, custom design solutions and related products and services for military, aerospace and commercial applications. SHP offers engineering experience to...Read more

Header Applications

HEADER APPLICATIONSThere are numerous reasons to utilize a multi-pin header in lieu of multiple, single-pin feedthrus. Foremost is the ability to place pins on closer centers down to .050 in. In addition, the tolerance control on pin centers for mating with a connector would be improved over individual feedthrus. More significant advantages occur when it is desired to utilize flattened pins for improved wire bondability and/or gull winged leads for surface mount configuration.

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SMP Connector Applications

SMP Connector Applications

The SMP snap-on connector has become a popular RF connector for use in high density RF system packaging. SHP has developed additional variants of these connectors, which improve their attachment characteristics, including a robust aluminum compatible connector and a robust kovar compatible connector for solder applications. These connectors provide superior hermetic performance in thermal cyclic environments.

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Hermetic Capacitors: 99A Series

CapacitorsDesigned to MIL-F-15733, this small size capacitor is a recommended option to the 74 series capacitor where pin spacing and other clearances allow. Installation is easier and performance is equally robust. These aluminum compatible devices are mountable on 0.145 inch centers or greater. Full MIL temperature range is -55 to +125° C.

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Custom Hermetic Aluminum Housing

HermeticAluminumHousingCustom hermetic aluminum housings are available in any size or shape which provide unparalleled hermetic reliability. This reliability is achieved by use of unique feedthru devices; RF, DC and capacitive feedthrus, headers and connectors, all of which have been specifically designed for use in aluminum housings.

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