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Contact: Bob Lowther
Title: Sales & Marketing Director
Phone: (011) 4415.4426.0093
Fax: (011) 4415.4426.0310


Labtech Microwave
Broadaxe Business Park
Presteigne, Powys LD8 2UH
United Kingdom


Microwave Amplifiers

Labtech Microwave has many years of proven technical experience in producing a wide range of high quality microwave broadband amplifiers in the frequency ranges 2–6 GHz, 2– 8GHz, 2-18Ghz and 6–18Ghz
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PIN Diode Switches

Labtech has designed and produced a wide range of reflective and absorptive broadband PIN and GaAs MMIC switches operating over the frequency range 200MHz to 26GHz
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Custom Active & Passive Components

Labtech has developed over the years a wide range of microwave building blocks for multifunction subsystems such as Chanellisers, IFM's, Up/Down Converters, Tx/Rx Subsystems, Hybrid Receivers and Switched Multiplexers
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TDM Modules

Labtech has developed a range of low cost drop in style and SMD TDM (Thin Di-electric Material) modules comprising of organic substrates on metal carriers with a bonded cover
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Microwave PCBs

Labtech is one of the world's leading complex and high technology demanding microwave printed circuit board manufacturers with an established pedigree which spans more than 20 years.
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Microwave MIC assembly services

Labtech Microwave offers a comprehensive build-to-print microwave module and microwave components manufacturing service. The facility is housed in a class 10,000 clean room and also accommodates automatic chip placement and wire bond assembly.
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MMIC packaging solutions

Labtech has developed an innovative low cost custom packaging solution utilising Labtech's established microwave printed circuit board techniques and the use of low cost organic LCP materials for single chip & MCM (multichip module) applications.
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