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Conduct RF is located in Methuen, MA, USA and has been in the RF Interconnect industry for over 20 years, successfully supporting high performance RF and microwave cable assembly applications that require exact precision and optimal performance. 

Conduct RF designs and manufactures their own high-performance RF coaxial cable and offers both Conduct RF brand, and other major brands, of connectors for each end of an assembly. This capacity and willingness to provide a variety of connectors at any time, provides the ultimate in choices to anyone looking to maintain a healthy supply chain for their RF/microwave coaxial cable assemblies.

Specialties Include:
- Flexible cables with low loss
- Dependable test and Measurement cables for both professional high-volume test labs, and for the engineering/prototyping test bench.
- Phase stable cables
- Ruggedized and environmentally proven cables for demanding mobile land, sea, and airborne applications.
- D38999 and VITA 67 multi-port assemblies for mil/aero and defense applications
Their manufacturing capabilities include solutions built at their ITAR registered facility in Methuen as well as partner facilities in the United States and around the world.  

Their application engineering approach offers expertise in all types of RF Coaxial Cable Assembly & RF Connector products.  Working with a diverse array of customer applications across many industries, they have gained a broad background in optimizing solutions. They can provide advice and direction based on your specific coax application needs, and they offer custom solutions for applications where a standard just won't do. 


Contact Information:

Contact: Dean Gammell
Title: Director of Sales
Phone: 978-374-6840


Conduct RF
126 Merrimack Street
Methuen MA 01844
United States