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NSI-MI Technologies is the preferred global supplier of antenna, RF and microwave testing equipment. From world class in-house testing facilities to delivering industry leading turnkey systems, we have the right solution for you.

Our expansive team of renowned technical experts is dedicated to delivering high-quality engineering solutions and advanced products for a wide range of technical applications where precise measurement, motion control and data acquisition is required. Our vast line of products also allows us to offer solutions for production line or general automated component testing.

We apply our expertise in microwave technologies, electromagnetic propagation and mechanical system design to provide complete antenna test systems for aerospace, defense, wireless communications, and transportation industries as well as academia and research institutes.

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Contact: M. Taylor
Phone: (678) 475-8345
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NSI-MI Technologies
1125 Satellite Blvd. Suite 100
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Quad Ridged Feeds

NSI-MI Quad Ridged Feeds (ANT-QRF) are used in antenna test range applications and have been designed to deliver a wideband frequency response.

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Broadband Ridged Probes

This broadband ridged antenna is the perfect choice for spherical near-field measurements and far-field range illumination. With its wide frequency bandwidth, it can replace several standard Open-Ended Waveguide probes or horns.

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Standard Gain Horns

Our range of standard gain horn antennas are used in antenna test range applications and have been designed to deliver accurate gain reference and reliable antenna gain measurements. 

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Rotary Positioners

NSI-MI Technologies’ rotary positioners are engineered to provide the optimum balance of outstanding performance, maximum power-density, and excellent application flexibility. 

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Automotive Antenna Test Solutions

AMETEK NSI-MI has developed solutions for automotive antenna testing applications. Our systems allow for the characterization of antennas for cell phones, GPS, satellite radio and more.

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Vector Measurement Controller

Our advanced Vector Measurement Controller can be used for fast, on-the-fly electronic testing, precisely coordinated with mechanical motion or other controlled or monitored test attributes.

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All models include a 1-20 GHz amplifier with 45 dB nominal gain, and can be configured for one, two, or three wide frequency bands using included RF jumper cables. 

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NSI-MI Technologies' electronic products are custom designed for fast and accurate data acquisition and are application specific.

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Vector Field Analyzer™

The Vector Field Analyzer™ incorporates the latest technology and combines the best RF performance, fastest measurement speed and more.

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