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David Vye is responsible for Microwave Journal's editorial content, article review and special industry reporting. Prior to joining the Journal, Mr. Vye was a product-marketing manager with Ansoft Corporation, responsible for high frequency circuit/system design tools and technical marketing communications. He previously worked for Raytheon Research Division and Advanced Device Center as a Sr. Design Engineer, responsible for PHEMT, HBT and MESFET characterization and modeling as well as MMIC design and test. David also worked at M/A-COM's Advanced Semiconductor Operations developing automated test systems and active device modeling methods for GaAs FETs. He is a 1984 graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, with a concentration in microwave engineering.

Ask me about EDI CON

If you happen to see me or any other Microwave Journal staff in Montreal later this month attending IMS, make sure you say hello and ask us about EDI CON, the new conference/exhibition that the Journal and its parent company Horizon House are organizing for RF, microwave and high speed digital design in Beijing, March 2013.
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Educating the Industry: A Homegrown Solution

As the cost of higher education has many families with college-age children worried, leading companies in specialized fields such as RF and microwaves are taking on the task of professional training themselves. What started as a marketing function, is now essential in growing their customer base and strengthening the overall skills of the industry while providing a valuable service. With webinars, white papers and live events such as expert forums, Microwave Journal is teamed up with these companies to get it done.
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Small Cells and Public WiFi at MWC

The next evolution in small cell thinking includes core network intelligence will be embedded apps on into small cells thereby letting them handle smart voice and data offload; session creation, switching; handoff; traffic compression; aggregation; and edge caching; presence information for mobile apps.
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Lost in Translation

Adventures in China

Prior to the launch of our new Microwave Journal China magazine and upcoming web site, I had spent some time looking into the state of media coverage on our industry in China. The relative lack of a dedicated web site for microwave industry news, products, events and technical content guided our decision to develop such an outlet.

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Non-Lethal Weapons: Technologies & Global Market - 2012-2020

Over the next ten years, the Non-Lethal Weapons (NLW) market is forecasted to emerge as a key domain for asymmetric warfare and law enforcement technology providers. Governments worldwide have undoubtedly understood the function of non-lethal weapons following lessons learned in Egypt, Israel, Iraq and Afghanistan. Unforeseen street riots and mass demonstrations over the last decade have revealed the loopholes in the security dogma of the 21st century. There is a growing demand from combatant commanders, law enforcement officers and political establishments for NLW capabilities. This demand is driven by the need to help them win the hearts and minds of...
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MIT Camera Captures One Trillion Frames per Second

A team of researchers over at MIT might have just broken a new record. They’ve created “ the world’s slowest fastest camera ,” which is able to shoot one trillion frames per second. To put the speed into perspective: one trillion seconds is over 31,688 years. If you then take one second of footage on this camera, and played it back at 30 fps, it would still take you over 1,000 years to watch it, according to Wired.com . (If you decide to host that sort of movie night, please don’t invite us over.) Led by Ramesh Raskar, an...
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Good Idea: USB Wall Outlets

File this item in the "why didn't someone think of this sooner" folder - Current Werks, a leading innovator in green mobile power storage and charging devices, just introduced two industry-changing, energy-saving USB wall outlets: the Quattro and Duo . The company will exhibit these products in the Eureka Park TechZone at the 2012 International CES Tradeshow, January 10-13 in Las Vegas. The Quattro (patent pending) is the first product in the industry that replaces a standard electrical wall outlet with four powerful USB charging ports. The Quattro's four USB ports deliver a combined output of 22Watts, making the Quattro...
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Growth in Printed Electronics

The following was written by Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh, Technology Analyst, IDTechEx At end of November, IDTechEx held the world's largest printed electronics and photovoltaics conference and tradeshow in Silicon Valley at the Santa Clara Convention Center. This show brought together more than 1300 attendees from 28 countries. Players active across the entire value chain were present; covering the full range from research organisations to end-users, and from small start-ups to multi-billion internationals. Mr Raghu Das, CEO, IDTechEx, opened the show with his keynote speech, arguing that there lies a great untapped market opportunity in offering final integrated products. Indeed, product...
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NI Technology Updates Outlooks For Skyworks Solutions, Anadigics, TriQuint Semiconductor, RF Micro Devices, And Avago Technologies

PRINCETON, N.J., Dec. 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Next Inning Technology Research ( http://www.nextinning.com ), an online investment newsletter focused on semiconductor and technology stocks, has published updated outlooks for Skyworks Solutions (NASDAQ:SWKS), Anadigics (NASDAQ:ANAD), TriQuint Semiconductor (NASDAQ:TQNT), RF Micro Devices (NASDAQ:RFMD), and Avago Technologies (AVGO). Next Inning editor Paul McWilliams has leveraged a decades-long career as a semiconductor industry insider to deliver in-depth insights and winning stock selections for his newsletter subscribers. After careful research, Next Inning has published a special report outlining what McWilliams expects will be the impact from shortages of hard-disk drives. In this report, he examines...
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Record Breaking Paper Submissions reported by IMS 2012 TPC Chair

By 5:30 am EST (00:30 am Hawaii time) on December 6, 2011, one day before the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, the IMS 2012 technical program chair, Raafat Mansour sent out an e-mail to several members of the IMS 2012 steering committee (for which I am serving as the promotions co-chair) announcing that the IMS2012 has received the highest number of submitted papers since the inception of IMS. Including the Hawaiian time zone is noteworthy since the deadline for paper submissions was midnight December 5th, Hawaii time, thereby extending the deadline to the very last minute of the...
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