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Joe Mazzochette is the general manager of Eastern OptX. The company designs, develops, and deploys test systems that replicate the propagation paths of radar, avionics, altimeter, and radio transmissions. Joe has more than 30 years experience in product development, sales, and investor relations in commercial, and aerospace electronic systems and device companies. He was VP of Engineering and General Manager at EMC Technology, an RF and microwave component supplier, where he helped boost EMC sales by more than ten times. Joe later joined Lamina Ceramics as VP of Engineering and helped grow the 5-person start-up company into producer of a wide variety of solid-state light sources for the general illumination market. Joe holds BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering from Drexel University and is a co-inventor on 46 US patents.  

Real World Dynamic Radar Testing in the Lab

It’s quite well known that radar and radio systems are increasingly complicated with their continued improving range and resolution. As a result, system performance verification testing is expensive and technically challenging. The three common approaches to radar testing are: range testing, simulation, and channel replication. The strengths and weaknesses of these alternatives are well known, but some detail will help you in determining the best method for a particular application.

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Propagation Pathways

 This is a blog about how to reproduce the propagation path of radars, radios, avionics, and altimeters. What we do at Eastern OptX—through technology and magic—is to reproduce the true path between the transmitted signal and the received signal. We replicate the path of the signal by providing “space” in between the transmitter and receiver. We generate that space.

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